WOD for Monday 2/13/2017

WOD for Saturday 2/11/2017
February 11, 2017
WOD for Tuesday 2/14/2017
February 14, 2017

WOD for Monday 2/13/2017

Skill: Handstand Drills

4 Sets:

:20 sec Handstand Hold (Freestanding if you can)

Handstand Walk 15ft. or 3 Wall Walks with 4 Shoulder Taps

8 Handstand Push-Ups or Pike Push-ups

*Rest as needed between rounds


“Death by”

With a continously running clock perform:

1 Pull-up and 1 Air Squat in the first 1 min

2 Pull-ups and 2 Air Squats in the second 1 min

3 Pull-ups and 3 Air Squats in the third 1 min … Continuing this for as long as you are able.

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