Our Mission:

CrossFit Windansea is a community-based gym with a simple mission – to make people healthier and happier. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels. Whether brand new to CrossFit or a seasoned competitor, our coaches tailor workouts to help you achieve your desired results. We always focus on ways to improve our members’ physical strength, health, and over all well-being. Knowing the mind is a very powerful tool, if we take time to address our mentality towards certain areas, it can be life changing. We want our members to strive for things that they never thought possible or ever thought of doing. Come in and give CrossFit Windansea a try!

Story Behind CrossFit Windansea:

The development of CrossFit Windansea came through the shared vision of two best friends for over 20+ years, Dan Paice and Jeff Martin. Since peewee football and high school wrestling, Dan and Jeff have always shared a passion for health, fitness, and competition. When Dan started CrossFit 4+ years ago, he was immediately hooked and shortly thereafter knew he wanted to become a coach. Knowing their shared passions for health and fitness, Dan introduced Jeff to CrossFit. Several years later when Dan wanted to take his passion for CrossFit and coaching to the next level and open his own gym, naturally Jeff and Dan decided to partner up and open CrossFit Windansea.

The Box:

Located at 2123 Garnet Ave. (alley access) in the heart of Pacific Beach, CrossFit Windansea is a 2,900 square foot facility. With a completely open floor plan, its massive bay door brings in beautiful natural light from the San Diego sun. Unlike most CrossFit gyms, from day one, our goal was to give our members a fully-loaded, brand new facility with all gold standard equipment. Our members will have everything they need for all of their fitness goals.

2123 Garnet Ave. Unit B San Diego, California 92019

Access in the ally) Call us: 310-600-0726